Jelleke is a world citizen, with a good overview of what is going on in the field of the transition to agro-ecology. Her professional experience in so many different countries, cultures and policies, her openness to people, and her integrated landscape approach, have made her an expert in understanding the identity of regions and in facilitating multi-stakeholder processes. Connecting people and organisations is what she is good at.

My work is in supporting the transition to agro-ecology worldwide. What I do is called communication. I share philosophical, economic and practical views, knowledge and solutions on sustainable development in agriculture and food systems. That takes the form of (1) Blogs (on this website), (2) Newsletters (once a month), (3)  'Green Papers' (informative documents),  (4) Books (available at the shop), (5) Presentations and (6) Facilitation.

With quite an extensive national and international network I can make connections that you may need. Hire me as a consultant for advice, brainstorm or process facilitation. Please contact me via email or telephone.

Track record

A selection of projects I've been working on over the last couple of years....

As a consultant with Fair & Sustainable Ethiopia, I organised and facilitated various Communities of Practise, and workshops, for professionals in sustainable and nutrition-sensitive agriculture; I also inspired and coordinated the National Ethiopian Soil Campaign (2015). Earlier I worked as a consultant with the WageningenUR Searusyn project (developing sustainable peri-urban horticulture in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Nanjing, China).

For the municipality of Zwolle (NL), multi-stakeholder processes for peri-urban development were co-organised by me. While working with ETC, I  organised and facilitated the Countryside Exchange in the Netherlands, a  participative multi-stakeholder approach with foreign visiting experts.  I also wrote a paper on the workings of  community supported farming in the Netherlands.

Between 2000 and 2004, as a research coordinator, I faciitated the Wageningen Initiative for Sustainable Innovation, enticing scientists to involve in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches, in order to solve complex sustainable development issues.  I also played a role in boosting research in organic agriculture.   


  • Nine steps..

    I am writing a 100 page book (in Dutch), In Nine Steps to A New Agriculture. For policy makers and politicians. To be published around June 2018. 

  • Transition to Agroecology

    Twenty six examples of farmers and organisations, worldwide, that have made the transition to some form of agro-ecology, like greening the desert or closed-loop agriculture. Introductionary chapters about soil health management,  agroecology, and transition.