About Jelleke 

“The picture in this banner is not accidentally chosen. I am somewhat like the boy on the donkey: in connection with nature, going with the flow and looking at the world from different perspectives, also and maybe especially in my work!” 

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I am a freelance consultant, facilitating networks, organisations and individuals, to help you take the steps to materialise your dreams, goals and agendas. This always happens in a participatory way, like a dance, moving together. My heart lies with the transition we are making - worldwide - to AgroEcology and good Soil Health Management.

I even got the title "one of the midwives that bring the emerging eco era into this world" by a highly respected innovative government advisor in my country, Herman Wijffels.

Presently I live in Ethiopia, where I work for AgriProFocus (agriprofocus.com/Ethiopia). I tremendously enjoy the country, the culture, the birdlife, the people and being part of an international development movement, always meeting new and interesting people.

My background is Wageningen University, where I studied landscape archtitecture and land use planning. Working in Africa, with this knowledge I realised that design cannot make a landscape. It is the people, their culture and their circumstances, and their experience with the management of their surroundings that make the most beautiful sustainable landscapes.